Unrighteous anger: It felt like the holy spirit left me

Hey Beloved, I hope you all are well and at peace at such a time as this. I know the message of peace contradicts everything going on the world right now, but only when we hold our peace does God move for us. Over and Over the Lord says, "Be still" (SEE: Zech 2:13, Psa 46:10-11, … Continue reading Unrighteous anger: It felt like the holy spirit left me

Dear God, I don’t love you

Hey Beloved, So before you freak out, let me explain! A few years ago, I realize I didn't love God. I wasn't experiencing the wondrous feelings others felt when they spoke about God, or moved to tears during worship.  Professing my love for Him sounded inauthentic and pretentious. I was done with pretending, so I … Continue reading Dear God, I don’t love you


  we are bombarded with distractions daily! A distraction is anything that prevents you from giving full attention to something else (whatever something else means for you). Distractions come in all shapes and forms; in this blog series, I want to discuss distraction in the form of comparison. Someone once said that comparison is the … Continue reading Distractions